Energy Efficency

The saving of energy has been placed lately as one of the first concerns for current society. The price of energy is continuously growing and, therefore, any kind of saving in this regards is very welcome.

In ResEnergie we are aware about the impact that energy-saving actions can have in any kind of economy and therefore we have placed all our know-how and technology capacities with the aim of helping our clients in the saving of energy.

EnergieQ is a software platform that, together with a neutral hardware, helps our clients in the savings of energy and costs through the monitoring of receipts, validation and comparison of consumption measures, continuous monitoring of facilities, analysis, alarms and reports.

EnergieQ is a tool that combines a very user-friendly usage with an advanced analysis and monitoring of the energy consumption. It allows you to easily control and measure the energy consumption of the distinct facilities in real time and take advantage of a set of analytical and flexible tools for identifying risky areas and, therefore, build a suitable energy-saving strategy. With this service underway you can start saving energy and money.



We complete a general energy consumption audit

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Firstly we complete an energy audit, taking into account all the different processes taking place in the premises. With the obtained results, it will be determined the possible modifications to improve the energy efficiency of the premises. The last step will be installing an energy control and management system. EnergieQ in order to control the evolution of the changes and maintain the efficiency of the measures taken.

Customs graphs

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Get detailed information of consumption and energy costs of various consumptions points

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EnergieQ has a powerful monitoring SCADA with which you can display the consumption pattern of its installations and identify potential excesses with a simple glance. Generate detailed graphical reports for clients, work teams or property..


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Power monitoring SCADA.

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The configuration of this module depending on the needs of customers, offering the possibility of obtaining detailed information of consumption and energy costs of the different consumptions points that make up the installation.