Energy efficiency and self-consumption

Advice, management, control and optimization of your energy costs

PV Monitoring

Energy saving and self-consumption has been placed in one of the first places of concern in today's society. Each time the energy is more expensive and any savings is welcome.

In Res Energie we are aware of the impact that the energy saving can have in any economy as well as the incipient self-consumption market, that's why we have put all our know-how and technological capabilities to help our customers in the much-desired energy savings.

E nergie Q is a software platform that, together with neutral hardware, operates to help our customers save energy and costs by tracking invoices, validating and comparing of consumption measures, continuous monitoring of facilities, analysis, alarms and reports.

E nergie Q is a tool that combines ease of use with advanced analysis and monitoring of energy consumption. It allows you to easily control and measure minute-by-minute the consumption of the facilities, and take advantage of a set of flexible analytical tools to identify problem areas and build the smart strategy of saving energy. Once the service is launched, with an information history, the system analyzes in which points it can save energy.



By reading fiscal meters, we analyze and optimize how energy is being consumed

ENERGIEQ DEMO Commercial Presentation


Energy Consumption Audit

We perform a general audit of your current energy consumption, optimizing your bill

Custom graphics

Get detailed information on consumption and energy savings of various devices of your system

Historical inquiry

Registry history and reports in different formats download

PV Monitoring

Powerful and versatile monitoring SCADA to read any type of devices.