ResEnergie has the capacities and abilities to perform control and monitoring services of all kind of industrial installations. With a rich and varied knowledge in all kind of communication protocols, development of field solutions, reading and processing of signals from various sources, at hostile environments… We have the knowledge and experience to develop the necessary hardware and software tailored to the client´s special needs, in such a way that any specific problem regarding data and electronic signals treatment can be treated with warranties by our specialized professionals.

Control and Monitoring of Industrial Installations

Both, the software and hardware have been completely in-house developed, allowing us to quickly address any change or new necessity of our clients, as well as to incorporate easily the latest innovations. The system behaves intelligently, being responsible for the monitoring of the installation, as well has having the capacity to control and manage additional elements (alarms, etc) It covers all kinds of inverters and energy meters in the market, making possible monitoring PV farms with elements from varied brands with a single device.

ResEnergie´s system for PV farm monitoring makes possible knowing, from anywhere in the world how a farm is working and detect any malfunction in it. With our monitoring systems the client can be reassured in real time that the farm is working inside the approved parameters, thanks to the continuous monitoring of the devices and the measurement of all kinds of sensors. Once the information is received, ResEnergie processes it, and, if any error is detected in the working mode of any device in the farm, it send s an alert message, so that the maintenance firm can start finding the solution right away.

Devices list

Meters Temperature sensors Inverters Strings/Stringbox
Meters EDF (France) 1 Wire Delta Ingeteam
Meters PRI (UK) Kipzonen Power Electronics S3 MPPC
Protocol IEC 870-5-120 (Spain) Geonica Kako Solarcheck Phoenix Contact
Circutor Modbus Soda Solarmax Santerno
  Modbus SMA SMA
    Ingeteam Aurora
    Mastervolt Carlo Gavazzi
    Diehl AKO  
    Aurora Power One  
    Santerno Sunway  
    Efacec Efasolar  

If your device is not in this list , contact us through the web or and we proceed to its implementation in the system.

Management web platform


PVM is the web platform used to display the information provided by different systems.

Portfolio #1

PVM is the web platform used to display the information provided by different systems. Contains:

  • Historical record
  • Logs of warnings and incidents
  • Possibility of downloading data in different formats for detailed analysis
  • Work Orders to track and manage groups of workers
  • Configurable alarm manager for particular needs.

Calculation engines are internal system functions responsible for organizing events, night calculations and periodical analysis
and run automated processes.



Tool for real-time information


It is the tool for real time information. The main functions are:

  • Access via username and password, and connection to different servers.
  • Presentation of the status of all installations by color code at a glance.
  • Presentation of all devices in each installations with different symbols.
  • Presentation of meteorological variables availables.
  • Presentation of values ​​and meter registers.
  • Presentation SAI status monitoring system.
  • Display inverters variables, with native operating mode legend reported by the investor.

Equipment status


Access to all the information in real time and historical status of their equipment