Automatic power control

Reception and automatic application of power setpoint established by the System Operator (REE)


Program Developed by ResEnergiefor Power Control of Fotovoltaic Installations. This is based in automatic applicación of regulation sent by R.E.E. according to RD413/2014 to larger facilities of 5 MW. These regulations reach the Generation Control Center (GCC) associated and sent to the facility for automatic regulation of the active power in real time.


The software receives the signals from REE warning of a power limit setpoint (according to a value and reason) and automatically acts on the devices of the installation applying the limitation within the maximum time established by REE (15 minutes) and in turn manages the subsequent withdrawal of the same, without the need for intervention in the field.

For the verification of the correct application of the limitation, an automatic email is sent notifying the following points:

- Reason and value, for power regulation required for the installation by REE.

- Proceedings in the installation devices by the ResPowerControl.

- The correct or not applying the limitation in installing devices. If there has been an error in the application of the regulation, alerts to check the error. It indicates where's the problem for identify and solve it quickly (eg if the fault is in a particular device, that ResPowerControl has not had access to apply the limitation).



Reception and automatic application of power setpoint established by the System Operator (REE)

Commercial Offer


Large number of supported devices

The program is expandable to all types of devices that can be configured for limitation

Management software

The software allows the management and automatic application of slogans telematically, saving the need to send a technician to the plant.

Automatic and manual regulations

In addition to having the option to apply directly the regulations. It also has a system of non-automatic regulations


ResPowerControl will send an email with all the information regarding the application of slogans, if there has been any problem for its correct execution the system tries to identify the causes