Modem TM2


Monitoring and telemetry of all your devices integrated in the same modem

GSM/GPRS Modem - TM2

With a view to the current trends in the photovoltaic energy sector ResEnergiehas developed this product seeking to adapt to this new reality.

It is a new concept of modem, which in addition to performing the tasks of mandatory Telemetering for the electricity company, serves to perform monitoring tasks of both investors and meters.

All this in a single device, which is also equipped with communications both via IP and GSM. It is undoubtedly a safe bet to achieve a better integration of photovoltaic energy in the electrical system at a cost level that eliminates premiums and competes freely with other technologies as a source of generation.


Modem TM2

Integrated monitoring of all your devices with a minimum cost

Commercial Presentation


Modem Telemeasure of the fiscal accountant

Transparent transmission mode, fully compatible with the IEC-60870-5-102 meter reading protocol)

Specially built for industrial environments

Reading data via GSM or IP

Port 232 and 485 independent