About Us

ResEnergie was funded in 2009 by a group of engineers `with vast experience in automatization and monitoring processes as a response to the quick development of the renewable energy sector, and specifically, to the small offer regarding monitoring systems for PV installations. ResEnergie started then a progressive expansion process, extending its own developments in an increasingly big number of companies, growing year by year its market quote.

Mission statement

ResEnergie as a company has the objective to facilitate their tasks to its clients, through a professional management of the information provided by their systems. In a world becoming more and more populated by information systems and electronic dispositives, ResEnergie works to allow the information and data generated by any dispositive to be collected, processed and supplied to the correct place, so that all the required actions to respond to that data stream can be as automated as possible, making life easier for our clients.


ResEnergie believes in people, in their aptitudes and capacities to develop new products, concepts and services. We also believe that these tasks are the one that should become center to creative our efforts, not repetitive tasks with very little added value attached. That is why at ResEnergie we work to free creative capacities that can improve our lives developing activities with a higher added value. ResEnergie is currently involved in a process of international expansion with projects in France, England and Italy and development of new products and services focused on adapt services to the new reality of the energy sector, and in particular photovoltaics.