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En ResEnergie realizamos el diseño, proyecto, ejecución, puesta en marcha y mantenimiento de sistemas de monitorización y control de instalaciones de energía fotovoltaica, y cualquier instalación industrial.

ResEnergie has its own hardware to offer the customer the most appropriate solution to carry out the monitoring of its Generation and Energy Consumption Facilities.

Nuestra experiencia y "know-how" garantiza la mejor solución para cada problema particular. Perseguimos la excelencia y estamos en continuo proceso de mejora.



Con ResEnergie, with us you have the peace of mind that your plants are at all times controlled and monitored, your data safe and we provide you with the necessary tools for optimal maintenance of your instalations.

Our highly qualified team is responsible for keeping our products updated according to the latest developments in the sector. The satisfaction of our customers is our best guarantee.

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We cover the entire value chain for the management and control of photovoltaic plants

PV Monitoring

The monitoring of a photovoltaic installation allows to control its status at every moment

TTR - Real Time Power Monitoring

Real Time Telemetry Communications (TTR) complying with REE specifications (P.O.9)

Approved control center

Assigment to Generation Control center approved by REE

Solar Scada

Monitoring platform specially designed for the control and supervision of photovoltaic installations

Graphics and reports

Comprehensive control of historical data. Reports, comparisons all in a simple and intuitive way

Energy Efficiency

We evaluate if the use of the energy is adequate, reducing those consumptions


Access to our systems is multi-device and multi-platform

Individual Attention

Support instantly. We provide immediate solutions to your problems


Real time monitoring web portal

A complete control, monitoring and data acquisition system built specifically to optimize the production of your facilities

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TTR - Real Time Power Monitoring

System for reading an energy meter, with a frequency of time not exceeding 12 seconds, through the approved Control Center and complying with the specifications of REE (P.O.9)

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Assignment to control center - ResPowerControl

Reception and automatic application of power setpoint established by the System Operator (REE)

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Consultoria & Ingeniería

Inspecciones, auditorías técnicas y de rendimiento e informes ad-hoc

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Migración IP fija contadores Eléctricos

Sustituya la lectura GSM por IP Fija en sus contadores según la nueva normativa de REE

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