Real Time Telemeasure

TTR services through control center

PV Monitoring

Real Decreto 413/2014 of June 6, 2014 obliges photovoltaic installations with power of more than 1 MW, or forming part of power groups of more than 1 MW, to send real-time telemeters to the system operator. This Royal Decree 413/2014 also broadens the range of facilities subject to power control slogans by Red Eléctrica, and it is now also susceptible to plants larger than 5MW, which are obliged to be assigned to a control center for the perception of retribution.

To comply with the requirements of Real Decreto 413/2014, ResEnergie provides customized solutions through Real Time Telemetry (TTR) services and real-time power control through a control center to satisfy the REE instructions. Aware of the simplicity and tranquility provided by having a single interlocutor, ResEnergieoffers a "Llave en mano" service; It deals with both the field activities, if necessary, and the subsequent processing of signals and sent them to REE, in addition to having all the capabilities of a control center. ResEnergie provides tailored solutions for both the TTR and power control, and also for any other type of need for its facilities in compliance with the Real Decreto 413/2014

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Scada of 0&M

Scada of Organization and maintenance with the real-time data that is being reported to REE

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Real-time telemetry

Sending signals to CECRE in real time

Monitoring of signals sent to REE in real time

Historical inquiry

Registry history and reports in different formats download

Supervised sending of alarms in case of communication errors

Supervised by our technicians and with all the information of tests carried out and errors detected

24x7 telephone service

Immediate support to solve any incident

Web platform with access to personalized information

Information and graphs of the records of your accountants in real time

Reception of power setpoint established by the System Operator (REE)

Automatic Power Control

Automatic application of power setpoint established by the System Operator (REE)