Real Time Power Monitoring through a Generation Control Center

The royal decree 413/2014 issued on 6rd June 2014 makes mandatory for all generation installations with an installed power bigger than 1MW to send data of its power injection to the network operator in real time.

To comply with these requisites ResEnergie offers its real time power measurement service. Knowing the ease of mind that comes associated with having only one service provider, ResEnergie offers the service as a “turn key” service. We take care not only of the required modifications in the plant, should they be necessary, but also of all the necessary paperwork, and of the collecting of data to be sent to the network operator.

0&M scada

ResEnergie has amongst its products our own SCADA developed for the management of operation and maintenance. Initially focused to the supervision of a great number of installations managed by companies dedicated to the O&M of PV installations it provides with very useful tools to make easier following malfunctions, manage the generated alarms, following the PR, notifying tasks to the workers and a load of other tools developed to make our clients day easier.

If your needs are not exactly covered by the SCADA, let us know your needs. We developed all our software, and can accommodate most of your requirements.



Tool for real-time information

Portfolio #2

It is the tool for real time information. The main functions are:

  • Access via username and password, and connection to different servers.
  • Presentation of the status of all installations by color code at a glance.
  • Presentation of all devices in each installations with different symbols.
  • Presentation of meteorological variables availables.
  • Presentation of values ​​and meter registers.
  • Presentation SAI status monitoring system.
  • Display inverters variables, with native operating mode legend reported by the investor.